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The Ultimate Collection of the Best Free WordPress Themes of 2013

The Ultimate Collection of the Best Free WordPress Themes of 2013

Thanks for voting our Total Recall series a success. A whole lot of people have been reading our first three parts, so we decided to give you all more of the good stuff and extend our series into other topics. Today we bring you the ultimate collection of the 100 best free WordPress themes of 2013, and hope you enjoy it as much as you did with icons, UI sets and HTML/PSD templates. You might…

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Realistic Android Cyborg Girls Photo manipulations

Realistic Android Cyborg Girls Photo manipulations

Cybercyber cyborg practice


Cyborg Beauty

Decided to continue to do the cyborg theme.


In this post we have showcased 35 Realistic Android Cyborg Girls Photo manipulations, In which artists make a practical refinery utilizing matte painting system,by revealing to you some photograph control strategies to convert a picture of a young lady into a female with cyborg face and body.

Robo Beauty



Cyborg Girls Photo manipulations


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Animate webpage elements with Scrollorama jQuery plugin

Animate webpage elements with Scrollorama jQuery plugin


Web development has surely evolved over the years — Flash has fallen out of flavor and been replaced by techniques that take advantage of native web browser capabilities using tools like CSS and jQuery. That progression has paved the way for the creation of some pretty neat things, including a new tool from web developer John Polacekcalled Scrollorama. This jQuery plugin will take just about any…

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Creative and Unique Presentation folder designs for design inspiration

Creative and Unique Presentation folder designs for design inspiration

For any business or academic presentation or assignments, folders plays the most important role. Assignment or presentation folder is kind of stationary that holds loose papers or documents together for organization and protection. Today’s post is not only about showcase of presentation folders as they are more than just a  paper holding file, our presentation folders images can help you send out…

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The 100 best free fonts

The 100 best free fonts

The best free fonts, from vintage-inspired typefaces to slap-you-in-the-face slab serifs, for Windows and Mac, for a range of design projects.

We’ve scoured the web to present you with a fine and varied selection of free fonts. Including scripts, serifs, and a range of ligatures, these fonts will give you greater flexibility in your designs, and add to your arsenal of design tools.

This list…

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Excellent 3D Effects Photoshop Tutorials

Excellent 3D Effects Photoshop Tutorials

A web designer’s bad day scenario: Your clients are bored with the usual work you present them; your boss wants to see more magic in the design; You are finding it harder to impress your associates or stand out from the crowd.

One way or another, you’ve got to find ways to impress them. One good way we thought (if you agree), is to spice up that flat 2-dimensional design. Photoshop might not be…

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Showcase of Premium Brochure Templates for Designers

Showcase of Premium Brochure Templates for Designers

Brochure design is a key factor to the marketing of many businesses large and small. A brochure is also recognized as pamphlet is a type of leaflet. Brochures are most commonly found at Tourist places that we visit frequently, such as museums, major shops, and tourist information & business places. Another type of brochure is interpersonal brochures, which are brochures based on other people. The…

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